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Digital sales and e-commerce

We know how to create an engaging digital product across various channels. We’ll shape your products to be appealing, easily purchasable, and discoverable online.

Digitaalinen myynti ja ostettavuus -sivun koristekuva

What and why?

Digital marketplaces have become the most crucial channel for sales in the travel industry today. As travelers – and consumers in general – increasingly shift towards online commerce, it is essential for every player in the industry to embrace the challenge of digital transition and reevaluate their sales approach.

In product development and designing the overall service chain, the competition takes place on equal footing, on digital screens and mobile devices. Ensuring that it is easy for customers to both purchase products and find information about them is of utmost importance.

Examples of our services:

  • Designing and developing products and services for digital sales platforms
  • Digital customer journey
  • Enhancing digital sales and usability
  • Digital sales and booking platforms and distribution channels
  • Product inventory mapping
  • Creation of experiential and accommodation products for online stores (training)
  • Digital ecosystems
  • Digital sales models and solutions
  • Direct sales
  • B2B sales collaboration

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We have been successful in developing online business in the tourism industry for several years in various parts of Finland. We are well acquainted with the challenges and opportunities posed by different sales platforms and technologies, as well as the daily operations of regional and individual tourism operators.

Please contact us, and let’s explore how we can assist you in enhancing your digital sales efforts!

Noora Kokko

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