Digital travel sales for Koli DMO

We carried out the specification work for Koli Tourism’s digital sales model.


Kolin Matkailu Oy is responsible for the general marketing of the Koli and Lieksa tourism area, development projects related to business activities, as well as the sale of marketing and advisory services and other sales activities related to tourism. We carried out the definition work for the company’s digital sales model.

The goal of the development work was to build a digital marketing and sales operating model for the company, which defined the principles of digital sales of accommodation and experience services between the company and service providers. Through the marketing and sales operating model of Kolin Matkailu Oy, the aim is for significant growth in the number of partner companies as well as added value for shareholders.

What was done

The definition work of the digital marketing and sales operating model for Kolin Matkailu Oy and key stakeholders consisted of the following actions:

  • Understanding the current state and challenges of the operating model.
  • Identifying the digitally available product offerings in the area and digital marketing and distribution channels.
  • Defining the digital sales operating model through expert collaboration with stakeholders. This included exploring different models of digital sales, such as experiential sales, accommodation sales, and group sales, comparing the models, commission structures, and alternative implementation solutions.
  • Implementing digital marketing activities to support the execution of the sales model at the company and service provider levels.
  • Defining action steps, identified through expert collaboration, to align marketing and sales objectives with customer needs, the region, and the company’s operations. Additionally, defining partnership packages to provide services to different stakeholders.
  • Conducting the work using the Howspace platform, implementing the process for collaboration and facilitation.

These actions aimed to establish a comprehensive digital marketing and sales operating model that enhances collaboration and achieves the marketing and sales objectives of Kolin Matkailu Oy, its customers, and the region.


The company has an updated digital marketing and sales operating model in place, which defines solutions for future digital sales and distribution collaboration among service providers.

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