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Tourism consuting services

Strategy is always connected to action, and vice versa. With us, things don’t remain floating in the air, and insights are swiftly incorporated to guide further actions.

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What and why?

The success of destinations and tourism businesses relies on having a functional and clear strategy or business plan. To achieve this, it is important to define an inspiring direction for the future and actionable measures for implementing the strategies. Without practical actions, strategic plans remain mere words on paper.

The process of strategy planning begins with assessing the current situation and understanding where things stand. Understanding the future competitive landscape and the changing environment helps define strategic goals and choices. Through key actions, strategic decisions can be implemented in practice. Financing and investment solutions support the implementation process.

Examples of our services:

  • Development of tourism businesses
  • Strategic development of destinations and areas
  • Financing solutions for tourism development
  • Digital strategies for destinations and tourism businesses
  • Visit Finland Academy training programs
  • Coaching and training for tourism businesses

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Our team is at your service

Collaborative tourism development

Our expertise is particularly focused on the tourism industry and digitalization. We complement our extensive experience with strong technical skills, and we also have a network of experienced industry partners. That’s why we are a capable partner for strategic planning in tourism destinations and businesses.

How can we assist you in reaching your goals? Please get in touch, and let’s discuss further!

Jouni Kärkkäinen


References related to consulting services:

Juvalainen maisema

Increasing marketing knowledge for a local business group

Through the business group project of Juva municipality and local tourism companies, we had the opportunity to contribute to the development of tourism marketing expertise in the area through a training program.

Developing sustainable tourism in national parks

The goal with Metsähallitus was to create responsible tourism development programs for Nuuksio and Archipelago National Parks.

Himos-Jämsä embodies vitality, well-being, and adventure every day of the year.

Development of Himos-Jämsä’s tourism strategy for 2022-2026, aimed at guiding planned activities, development, and management.

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