Increasing the Digital Sales of Travel and Service Companies


Cursor, the development company for the Kotka-Hamina region, and the city of Kouvola implemented a digital marketing and sales growth program aimed at the area’s tourism businesses. FlowHouse served as a collaborative partner in the growth program. We were responsible for planning and executing concrete measures to boost sales for tourism businesses.

The program aimed to carry out targeted and effective development work related to digital marketing, sales, product development, or data-driven management for tourism businesses with specific business goals and results in mind.

What was done

As part of the growth program, we implemented the following work process in collaboration with tourism businesses:

  • A joint kick-off event to launch the collaboration.
  • Creation of individual action plans for each company, outlining the development goals and specific improvement needs.
  • Coaching and development work based on the company-specific plans, during which concrete solutions were generated to address each company’s identified growth challenges.
  • Involvement of 14 tourism businesses from the Kotka and Kouvola region in the collaborative effort.
  • Collective learning and sharing of best practices for all companies through meetings held during the process.
  • Dialogue about the implemented measures and their outcomes.
  • Implementation of the work using the Howspace collaboration platform.


As a result of the work, concrete solutions were developed to increase companies’ sales. The outcomes included, among other things, clarification of B2B and B2C sales processes, marketing and sales action plans, designing products for companies’ digital sales channels, measures to streamline the digital buying journey, as well as the implementation of sales and distribution channels, leading to digital sales growth.

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