Creating a sales model for a destination – goSaimaa


goSaimaa Ltd is a enterprise-driven company whose core mission is to implement and lead the joint marketing of tourism in the South Karelia region. The company is jointly owned by the cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra, as well as various businesses in the region. The goal of this project was to create a digital road map for goSaimaa, with the aim of promoting the development of tourism in South Karelia. The objective of the digital road map project was to identify and map the current state and areas for improvement in the digital accessibility of tourism services in the area, as well as to outline the path for the development of digital sales in the region.

What was done

The collaborative efforts consisted of several interrelated components. The core objective was to create a concrete roadmap for the company, outlining how the sales initiatives for the region’s tourism services would evolve in the future. To facilitate this, the first phase involved conducting a survey of the current digital product offerings available in the area. Through this survey, we gained a comprehensive overview of the tourism service offerings in the area and the type of content available for sale.

In the next phase, we examined the digital accessibility of 23 tourism businesses operating in the area as a sample. We conducted a current state analysis, which provided data on factors such as the general usability and technical functionalities of the companies’ digital channels, their search engine rankings, factors affecting search engine visibility, visibility on social media channels, and the volume of customer feedback received through key channels.

With the support of these analyses, we produced, through expert work, a proposal for solutions and a concrete roadmap on how the sales model for the tourist destination could evolve in the future, as well as what it would require from various stakeholders in the region.


As a result of the work, goSaimaa now possesses a concrete and phased roadmap for constructing a regional sales model. The project includes a description of the content and operational structure of the sales model, the definition of the financial and personnel resources required for the implementation of the measures, and a timetable for the initiation of the operational model.

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