Putting Data-Driven Leadership into Practice – Company-Specific Coaching


Visit Espoo’s central goal is to develop tourism, as well as meeting and congress activities in the city of Espoo. In the marketing of tourist destinations, products, and events, Visit Espoo collaborates closely and actively with local tourism businesses.

We act as an expert partner for Visit Espoo in the Sustainable Boost for Tourism Businesses (“Kestävää nostetta matkailuyrityksiin”) project, where we increased the practices and expertise of data-driven management for the area’s tourism businesses. The concrete goals of the collaboration were to enhance knowledge and understanding of implementing data-based marketing and sales, improve the use of various tools in companies, and help businesses find ways to leverage the opportunities of artificial intelligence.

What was done

As part of our collaboration, we implemented a tailored data-driven management coaching process for individual companies. A total of 22 local tourism businesses participated in the collaboration. In the initial phase, we identified critical development needs with each company to increase their competence in data-driven management. Based on these findings, we formulated company-specific action plans. Subsequently, we progressed to the implementation of individualized coaching sessions, providing expert solutions to key aspects of improving data-driven management within companies. As part of the process, we also conducted general webinars open to all, addressing topics related to data-driven management.

Themes covered in company-specific coaching sessions, tailored to the needs of the businesses:

  • Social media tools and metrics
  • Website analytics
  • Integration of artificial intelligence in the company
  • Marketing planning and goal setting
  • Improved utilization of Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)
  • Interpretation and optimization of advertising metrics


Travel businesses


Coaching themes

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Participants' rating for the coaching


As a result of the work, 22 tourism businesses received individualized support for developing data-driven management within their companies. Each theme was addressed based on the specific needs of each company, often leading to concrete actions directly applied to the company’s own channels and tools. Tangible outcomes for the businesses included improved capability to interpret and analyze the effectiveness of marketing through various monitoring and analytics tools, increased expertise in managing marketing and sales activities, and enhanced understanding of the opportunities presented by leveraging artificial intelligence in operational management.

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