Eveliina Saarimaa

As a digital tourism marketing specialist at FlowHouse, my role encompasses various responsibilities and areas of expertise. I serve as a consultant, coach, market researcher (using tools like GWI), and I’m also as the office’s ambassador of good vibes. I am involved in a wide range of tasks related to travel industry expertise, making my workdays diverse and exciting. I can provide assistance in almost any aspect, whether it’s practical implementation or cheerful advice.

I strongly believe in a customer-centric approach and data-driven tourism marketing. Marketing without data is like driving a car with your eyes closed. With a background in tourism and hospitality business studies, I understand the practical challenges faced by tourism businesses. Additionally, my education in marketing communications supports the development of companies’ communication and marketing strategies. By conducting market research using tools like Global Web Index, I continuously enhance my understanding of travelers.

I enjoy working on comprehensive projects that cover the entire customer journey in the digital realm of the tourism industry. I feel right at home in this field and thrive in it. Customer interactions and different stories bring that extra spark to my workdays. Moving forward, my genuine aim is to provide practical and hands-on assistance to help travel entrepreneurs and destinations thrive in the digital world.

When I close my computer at the end of the day, you might find me swimming at the local pool, browsing the ice cream aisle at the grocery store, or relaxing on the couch with my crochet work.

Eveliina Saarimaa

Marketing, Target Markets

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