Saara Virtanen

I work at FlowHouse as a web analyst and digital travel marketing expert, wearing many hats and being the go-to person for various tasks. I am passionate about data and its potential in developing travel businesses. I see a great untapped opportunity in the travel industry when it comes to digital channels, and I want to help travel companies and destinations enhance their presence in the digital world.

In practice, my work often involves planning and executing effective marketing strategies in collaboration with clients, as well as developing analytics solutions tailored to their specific needs. I also conduct assessments of current digital channels and provide data-driven insights for travel businesses. Occasionally, you might find me coaching and mentoring others on these topics too!

During my free time, I shift my focus from my work computer to my personal computer – I admit to being a bit of a nerd, and I enjoy spending a lot of time playing games. To balance it out, I regularly head outdoors with my dog for some adventures!

Saara Virtanen

Analytics, marketing

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