Increasing attractiveness of Pyhä-Luosto through digital marketing

We have been an effective marketing partner for Pyhä-Luoston Matkailuyhdistys Ry since 2016.

Ukko-Luoston portailla Saara ja Eveliina


The goal of Pyhä-Luoston Matkailuyhdistys Ry (Pyhä-Luosto Tourism Association) is to promote collaboration among businesses operating in the Pyhä and Luosto tourism areas, as well as to enhance the national and international attractiveness and recognition of the mountain areas located within the embrace of Pyhä-Luosto National Park. The objective of digital marketing is to inspire travelers and strengthen the brand image of Pyhä-Luosto, assist in trip planning, and connect visitors with businesses in the region.

What was done

The digital marketing efforts have been carried out through various channels and throughout the year. The collaboration has included the following actions:

  • Creation of strategic marketing plans based on KPI workshops, taking into account the unique characteristics of Pyhä and Luosto
  • Planning the content and structure of campaigns
  • Content creation for landing pages
  • Website development and search engine optimization
  • Ensuring tracking and functional analytics
  • Technical implementation of advertising on Google and social media platforms
  • Optimization of advertising based on data
  • Comprehensive reporting of results with development suggestions on a seasonal and annual basis
  • Skills development through coaching and training sessions

The marketing has primarily targeted the domestic market, but there have also been campaigns aimed at international markets, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


The visibility and awareness of the Luosto and Pyhä tourist areas have been effectively increased through long-term, multi-channel, continuous digital marketing efforts. Thanks to the long-term partnership, the collaboration is both efficient and cost-efficient. With extensive knowledge of the area and market a shared direction is quickly established – without forgetting the utilization of data. Website traffic generated through advertising converts at a high rate, and visitors have been seamlessly guided along the customer journey to explore the offerings of the regions. The collaboration has been rewarding and diverse from the beginning.

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