Increasing marketing knowledge for a local business group

Through the business group project of Juva municipality and local tourism companies, we had the opportunity to contribute to the development of tourism marketing expertise in the area through a training program.

Juvalainen maisema


One of the goals of the Juva business group project was to enhance the expertise of local tourism businesses in the realm of digital tourism marketing. A multi-day training program was created specifically to meet the needs of Juva, aiming to provide additional knowledge on marketing, content production, the importance of online visibility, and technical usage of advertising tools. Recordings were made of the training sessions so that companies could revisit the themes covered during the training days.

What was done

The training included the following topics:

  • Planning and implementation of digital marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Principles, tools, and planning of content production
  • Functionality of Facebook and Instagram channels for businesses
  • Possibilities of Facebook and Instagram advertising and practical use of advertising tools
  • Google support for businesses (tools, Google Business Profile, Google Analytics)
  • Basics of Google Ads advertising
  • Google Ads tool and practical execution of advertising


training recording


days of collaboration



“One of the best and most practical trainings I have attended. Thank you!”

Mika Kärki

Development Manager of Juva municipality


During the training days, we thoroughly covered several different topics related to digital marketing. Participants received comprehensive foundational knowledge as well as practical tips and recommendations. The training provided an excellent starting point for improving the company’s own marketing activities. The sessions sparked productive discussions, allowing everyone to learn from each other. Through these discussions, we were able to delve deeper into the topics that concerned the participants the most in this context.

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