Jouni Kärkkäinen

I am the CEO of FlowHouse and one of it’s main shareholders. I am responsible for the company’s strategy and the operational management day-to-day. My aim is to create the best possible conditions for my team to develop their expertise and excel in delivering solutions for our clients.

Tourism has been a business segment close to me for over twenty years. It offers and creates experiences, encounters, and opportunities for personal growth. In my current position, I feel that I can contribute to the development and success of the tourism industry here in Finland, and increasingly in other global markets as well.

I am actively involved in the production of our services, particularly in the development of strategies, marketing, and sales for travel destinations and tourism businesses. I practically carry out tasks such as formulating tourism business strategies, defining marketing and sales operational models, and providing expertise in product development. In executing these tasks, I leverage my industry experience, ability to listen and engage in interactions, and my creative problem-solving skills.

Calmness best characterizes my nature. I enjoy spending time at the gym and find pleasure in gardening. My interest in collecting and listening to analog vinyl records provides a counterbalance to the digital world.

Jouni Kärkkäinen

CEO, partner

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