Jouni Kärkkäinen

The tourism industry has been close to me for over twenty years. The sector offers and creates experiences, encounters, and opportunities for self-improvement. I want to use my accumulated expertise to support and develop the entire Finnish tourism industry to grow and succeed.

I have been one of the company’s main shareholders since 2017. My role in FlowHouse is the sale of services. My expertise is also at the company’s disposal in planning strategies for tourist destinations and tourism businesses, as well as in drafting sales solutions for our clients. In practice, I implement business strategies, define marketing and sales practices, and perform expert tasks related to digital purchase ability. In carrying out these tasks, I utilize my extensive experience in the field, my ability to listen and interact authentically with our clients, and my creative problem-solving skills.

Calmness best reflects my character. I enjoy working out at the gym and gardening. Collecting and listening to vinyl records provides a counterbalance to the digital world.

Jouni Kärkkäinen


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