Promoting outdoor destinations in Uusimaa region

We have been a digital marketing partner for Uudenmaan Virkistysalueyhdistys since 2021.


Uudenmaan virkistysalueyhdistys (Uusimaa Recreation Area Association) provides diverse opportunities for recreation, outdoor activities, and hobbies in nature, both through its network of areas and by promoting the outdoor possibilities offered by other public operators. Through digital marketing, the aim has been to increase the visibility of the association’s activities and drive traffic to its website, which comprehensively presents outdoor destinations in Uusimaa.

What was done

Digital tourism marketing activities have been carried out through multiple channels throughout the year. The collaboration has included the following actions:

  • Target audience definition
  • Strategic marketing plan based on a KPI workshop
  • Planning of campaign content and structure
  • Ensuring tracking and installation of analytics
  • Support in content creation for landing pages
  • Support in organic content creation for social media
  • Technical implementation of advertising on Google and social media platforms
  • Data-driven advertising optimization
  • Comprehensive reporting of results with development recommendations

Collaboration with FlowHouse is easy and extremely smooth. The FlowHouse team is down-to-earth, and there’s a feeling of speaking the same language and riding the wave of thoughts together. They have been a reliable partner in all aspects of our work.

Sini Veuro & Silva Sallamaa

Uudenmaan virkistysalueyhdistys


Through digital marketing, Uudenmaan Virkistysalueyhdistys has gained significant visibility for its activities, and the website has attracted a lot of traffic to explore information about various outdoor destinations in Uusimaa. Marketing has played a vital role in increasing the visibility of the association’s activities, improving communication, and raising awareness about the association’s online services during our collaboration.

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