Sanna Tarssanen

My name is Sanna Tarssanen, I’m the CEO of FlowHouse. My duties include taking care of the company, team and our customers.

I love to travel. Travelling provides great experiences, encounters and possibilities to learn about the world and humanity. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and the future challenge will be to find out ways the make it more sustainable and carbon neutral.

I have a master’s degree in tourism. In my previous work as the leader of the Center of Expertise for the Experience Industry I published “Experience Pyramid”, a framework that helps to design better commercial experiences. My most recent expertise is in the fields of destination branding and marketing. I worked as CEO of House of Lapland, Lapland’s official marketing and communications house, for almost a decade. During that time the company was awarded with Cannes Lions Grand Prix and tens of others prestigious international awards.

To make it short, I know how to make a destination Above Ordinary and I’m here to help you too if needed.

After work you’ll find me being a mom for my three boys, working at a cross-fit gym or doing yoga.

Sanna Tarssanen


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