Noora Kokko

I am responsible for developing our clients’ digital products and improving their usability. I provide training for both businesses and tourism development projects. Additionally, I am in charge of the development, customer relationships, and operational management of the Bookingpoint sales platform for tourism. I am a passionate advocate for tourism development, and I feel that at FlowHouse, I can leverage all the knowledge and experience I have gained. Working with diverse clients also teaches me something new every day. It feels like all my previous work has led me step by step to this role, and now i’m right where i’m supposed to be!

I am here because the values and operational approach of the team align with what I expect from a modern workplace. I help our clients in a tangible and hands-on way in developing their services. I also support and guide them when it’s time to sell their services through various digital sales channels. In my role in leading the development of the Bookingpoint platform, I also have the opportunity to constantly assist domestic tourism entrepreneurs in their growth and progress.

I enjoy various outdoor activities and love the sauna. I often get excited about things, and I am sensitive by nature. I always try to find the positive aspects in everything!

Noora Kokko

Sales funnel, productization

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