Kristian Sievers

Kristian Sievers is a tourism expert who owns The Sievers Consulting Oy and actively works as a data-driven tourism management specialist in international and national projects.

With over 25 years of experience in tourism development and experience design, Kristian has been involved in tourism education and has served as an expert in business development projects, including Outdoors Finland and food tourism-focused Hungry4Finland. He has also participated in various national and regional strategic development projects. Kristian has contributed to the formulation of Finland’s food tourism strategy and has served as the program director of the Tourism and Experience Production Competence Center (“Matkailun ja elämystuotannon OSKE”). He has been responsible for projects related to data-driven decision-making in Lapland, including the Arctic Ecosystem for Lapland Tourism project (“Lapin matkailun arktinen ekosysteemi” -project) at Lapland Regional Council, where he was involved in the formulation of Lapland’s tourism strategy.

Currently, Kristian Sievers serves as an expert in the European Commission’s Smart Tourism Destinations initiative, which focuses on data-driven tourism, with 45 regions across Europe participating in the program.

Kristian Sievers

Data-driven leadership

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