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Helsinki Marketing is a marketing company owned by the City of Helsinki.

Helsinki Marketing is responsible for Helsinki’s operative city marketing and business partnerships. Helsinki Marketing’s scope of operations covers marketing activities related to tourism, congresses, events and business promotion, application procedures for major events and congresses, as well as tourist information services. Its target audiences include local residents and international tourists, decision-makers, and experts. Helsinki Marketing works in close cooperation with the departments and units of the City of Helsinki.

FlowHouse has acted as a partner to the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Marketing on specialist assignments pertaining to the knowledge-based management of a tourism area. The purpose of the work has been to increase the understanding of the City of Helsinki and its partners of the principles, indicators, and resourcing of operations of knowledge-based destination management.

During the cooperation, we produced preliminary plans for the development of the compilation of statistics and research by the City of Helsinki and its partners. Furthermore, we produced a roadmap for the coming years regarding the most important information needs and sources of data for Helsinki as a tourism destination pertaining to knowledge-based management and defined architectural solutions and initial resource requirements for knowledge-based management. For further refinement of the results of the work, we created the Tiedolla johdettu destinaatio Helsinki workshop for the #helsingintekijät partner companies, during which a unified vision was sought for the compilation of data pertaining to Helsinki as a destination, knowledge-based management, and its utilization.


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