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Visit Finland is a department of Business Finland Oy, which is in charge of the promotion of incoming international tourism in Finland as a national tourism industry specialist. Through its research and competence, Visit Finland supports companies and groups operating in the field in the development and marketing of tourism services intended for the international market.

Visit Finland’s vision is to develop Finland into a smart destination that offers tourists the smoothest customer path from holiday dreams to the actual travel. FlowHouse has worked as an expert partner of Visit Finland for the development of digitalization of tourism since 2018.

During the first phase in 2018–19, we carried out a digital pilot program that comprised four Finnish destinations: Turku, Helsinki, Rovaniemi, and Saimaa. Our intention was to map out and audit the level of digitalization in the regions, to specify the principles of knowledge-based management, and to produce solutions pertaining to the operations model and management of the tourist area of the future. The work continued in 2020 with a scaling program where the experiences and results from the piloting phase were introduced for business use from the company level down to the range of services offered by Visit Finland.

As part of the cooperation, we carried out a Digital Development Program for five destinations in 2020 (Tampere, Oulu, Inari-Saariselkä, Ruka-Kuusamo, Espoo). The goal of this phase was to ensure a smooth customer experience for tourists for each destination, ranging from inspiration to purchase and recommendation. The work resulted in the creation of a program to support digital development based on the individual starting point and development needs of the area. The Digital Development Program helps the destination and the companies in the area to operate in a responsible and competitive manner in the changing digital operational environment.




As a result of the development measures mentioned above that were carried out in cooperation with the destinations, we produced the Destination Management Model and tool that consolidates the factors of the future management of a destination. The tool helps the operators at the destination to jointly perceive the tasks and measures related to the comprehensive management of the destination, as well as the management of the objectives specified for the activities.

Additionally, as part of the partnership with Visit Finland, we have also developed and produced solutions for the distribution of the services and contents offered by Visit Finland for businesses. Solutions for the distribution of contents have been created in digital eLearning environments. These solutions included, for example, the production of interactive, content-rich eLearning environments based on the internationalization guide for travel companies and the Matkailuyrityksen Digiloikan ABC guide.

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