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Case Lapland

Development plan for knowledge-based management and BisLenz implementation

Large local organizations in Lapland: Visit Rovaniemi, Visit Levi, Visit Ylläs, and Inari-Saariselkä joined forces to develop knowledge-based management further. During the rapidly completed project, the level of knowledge-based management in the areas was increased significantly.

The project started with an analysis of the current situation, in which the start-off point, the objectives, and the identified challenges were recognized. The BisLenz Travel Experience platform was implemented for each area and used to explore the data produced by digital channels in depth. Understanding of the situation of the digital channels was increased at the same time.

During the creation of the development plan, joint information needs were identified and used for the development of customized reporting solutions for the four areas. The objectives of the solutions included, among other things, enabling a better understanding of the demand focused on the area and how that demand could be better predicted. Here, the areas share information with each other, which provides a more comprehensive set that benefits each individual area; sharing benefits everyone.

The actual operating plan is based on a clearly defined vision, where knowledge-based management has a key role in the operation of the future local organization.  In the operating plan, information needs were identified along with methods for utilizing different sources of data. The process model described the measures used to turn utilization of information into daily routine. Systematic utilization comprises continued analysis of new information needs that are assessed critically before they are transferred to the development roadmap.

The local organizations are excited about their new tool and already know that they can utilize information much more effectively than before. The systematic development will be maintained through joint workshops in the future as well.

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