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BisLenz Travel Experience was designed and developed particularly for the knowledge-based management of tourism areas and companies. Understanding customer behavior and the purchase path of a tourist as a whole is essential to success in the tourism industry. BisLenz Travel Experience will assist in creating sustainable tourism business activities.


BisLenz Travel Experience comprises the following individual components:

  • Customer feedback offers versatile solutions for gathering feedback from customers throughout the various stages of the customer path.
  • Customer path compiles the customer’s digital purchase path into a single view from brand visibility to websites and purchases to customer feedback. BisLenz can be integrated with several reservation systems used by tourism operators, such as Bokun.
  • Marketing performance complies all digital media channels into a single view, with a marketing data section that allows you to easily access the industry’s key figures. BisLenz also offers a vast supply of international tourism data that you can use for competitive research and interpreting international tourism trends, for example.

Customized data

The input forms of BisLenz Travel Experience provide you access to all the data you need in one location. Customized data sets have already been produced for tourism destinations, such as contact figures, accommodation days, events, flights, media hits, and income and employment surveys pertaining to tourism.

Travel Experience includes a dedicated view that can be used to display key figures that are essential to your business activities.

Benefits of BisLenz

  • Save time
  • Listen to your customers digitally
  • Combine various sources of data
  • Identify the purchase path of a customer
  • Combine marketing and sales views
  • Compare results on the annual level
  • Individualized views for the tourism industry

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Using the BisLenz tool, tourism industry can give itself more time to focus on its core undertaking, i.e. the creation of unforgettable experiences.

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