The tourism industry is developing, changing, and becoming digital at a rapid pace. At the same time, the behavior of tourists is also changing, as they spend more and more time online during each part of their travel. These changes also require new digitally supportive operational models and approaches from tourism operators. The digital purchase path of a tourist should be considered in its entirety from the holiday dreams of the tourist to the actual travel and the post-travel period. Purchases of services and products have moved online.


Our services for digital sales and purchasability and cooperation with tourism companies and tourism areas could, for example, consist of the following items or areas:

  • Platform mapping and sales tools
  • Auditing of sales channels
  • Development plans and consulting
  • Product/service design for online sales
  • Development or product visibility and discoverability
  • Technological solutions
  • Development of the digital purchase path
  • Development of digital purchasability competence and understanding among tourism industry personnel



For several years now, we have successfully participated in the development of online business activities in the tourism industry throughout Finland. Our tourism expertise has grown stronger through our work with customers. We offer solutions for different parts of the purchase path of a tourist, based on the requirements of the customer.

We are very familiar of the challenges and opportunities introduced by different sales platforms and technologies, the daily operation of regional operators in the tourism industry and individual tourism operators, various reports and analyses, and the concrete practical and marketing measures for different stages of a journey.

We have also participated in the creation of the digital roadmap of Visit Finland and the digital customer experience manual. FlowHouse and our network of partners have extensive experience and a genuine desire to realize successful projects and processes together with our customers.

During the cooperation with our customer, we aim to guide and coach them; we feel that it is important to ensure that the client’s competence and understanding are developed further during our shared journey. Our cooperation with our customers is seamless and transparent, and we ensure that our projects are completed as agreed.

The change in tourist behavior requires the development of both understanding and competence, digital sales channels and cooperation models, and the ability of companies and tourism areas to develop the digital purchase path of a tourist. FlowHouse is your partner for interpreting and developing the current situation of digital purchasability and assists you in the selection of various sales and distribution platforms. We help you ensure that your products are digitally purchasable, attractive, and competitive for online retail and various distribution channels.

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